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  • L I A P - the new LIMITED IMMUNITY AMNESTY PROGRAM to certify qualifying unpermitted construction as safe, habitable, and a low priority for code enforcement has been launched.  The purpose of the LIAP program is to promote special inspections and safety modifications of existing unpermitted structures to ensure they are safe, healthy and habitable, and once certified as safe, to allow these structures to continue to provide needed housing and other resources to the Santa Cruz County community. Click here for eligibility criteria and an explanation of the program.
  • Announcing: Hosted Rental Permits! Starting June 18, 2018 property owners must obtain a permit in order to operate a Hosted Rental in Santa Cruz County. Permits are valid for five years. Within the first 90 days (June 18-September 17), existing hosts (operationg since December 5, 2017) can apply for Hosted Rental permits and there will be no cap on the number of permits issued during this time. After the initial 90-day period, both existing and new hosts may apply for permits on a first-come, first-served basis, and there will be a cap of 250 total permits as well as limits on permits for specific beach neighborhoods. Want more information? Check out the Hosted Rentals website here: Hosted Rentals Website
  • The County has launched an interactive "ADU Toolkit" to help you consider and then permit and construct an Accessory Dwelling Unit. Regulations were recently changed that make most residential properties eligible for one of these flexible housing units. Check out the "Basics", Design, and "Financing an ADU" guidebooks, links to designs and professional assistance, a construction estimator, cash flow modeler, information about the County forgivable loan program to assist your financing, and more! Accessory Dwelling Units website
    This notice is to advise applicants that as of January 2, 2018, submittals for all commercial projects must be submitted electronically. This will relieve applicants of having to submit printed plans, which can be costly. This will also save applicants time because plans undergo simultaneous review by the various reviewing agencies. Also, there will be no need to travel to the County and wait in line; applicants can apply from their home or office.
    Questions? Please contact us at
  • The County of Santa Cruz Planning Department is pleased to announce that the Department is now able to accept credit and debit cards and e-checks at our permit center and online.  Click on Pay Application Fees under the Quick Links to pay fees on your application.

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